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The beginnings of cooperatives in Putniković date back to 1911 when it was founded as a mutual assistance fund which operated until the beginning of World War II.  The agricultural cooperative “Putniković” was established and registered in 1946 and continuously operates until today. The winery itself was built in 1965.

Viticulture and wine-making is a centuries old tradition of Peljesac and source of livelihood for many families. Thus, the core business of the cooperative is based on viticulture and wine. Top quality grape, the Plavac Mali variety, allows for the production of well-known wines, which gives this winery a special place on the Croatian wine list.

Members of the cooperative produce grapes on their agricultural land and the processing, bottling and marketing is handled through cooperatives.

The cooperative will soon open a museum of viticulture and winemaking, with an attractive exhibiton, in the hope to educate anyone who wants to know more about the Dalmatian and Croatian viticulture and winemaking tradition and enrich the tourist offer of this region.


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