Tandem Skydiving

The view while free falling in the middle of two National parks is simply magical

Tour Prices

From 300 Euro / Group

Other Specifications

4000 meters AGL (above ground level)

200 – 220 kph (kilometers per hour)

up to 60 seconds

4 – 5 minute parachute flight

Tour Description

This is one of the most scenic drop zones in the World. We are skydiving above the sea close to mountain Velebit and in the middle of two National parks: Kornati and Paklenica.

After a beautiful 15 minute panoramic flight above the National parks Kornati and Paklenica, we will reach our skydiving altitude. We will jump from as high up as 4000 meters AGL (above ground level) and free falling at speeds of 200 – 220 kph for up to 60 seconds.

While we free ride the wind, if you’re up for it, we can do controlled canopy turns, speed diving and burn up the sky. Then, with a quick pull of the ripcord, we’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful 4 – 5 minute parachute training flight. As we do so, you’ll learn about equipment safety, free fall body position, canopy control and landing patterns, under (literally) the watchful eye of your tandem skydiving instructor.

Price includes

  • A full pre-jump safety briefing and training
  • A 15 minute scenic flight of Zadar Region while climbing
  • Up to 60 seconds of free-fall
  • 5 minutes of flying under the parachute
  • An opportunity to take the controls of the parachute
  • A surprise gift/souvenir

Other Info

  • On demand pickup
  • Video and photos professionally edited
  • Any kind of SURPRISE EVENTS you may imagine:
    • Birthday presents
    • Wedding proposals
    • Bachelor party
    • “I just quit my job” party


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