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The longest coastal zipline above adriatic sea - Dubrovnik zipline

Tour Prices

60 Euro / Person

Other Specifications

900m | 3000ft

175m | 575ft

max. 100km/h | 63mph

70m | 230ft

Tour Description

If you’re searching for adrenaline and unique experience this is an activity for you.

This 900 metres long Zipline is located on the Adriatic Sea, only 4 km from the Old town Dubrovnik. The superman position gives you the best point of view, feeling of flying and guarantees you an unforgettable adrenaline experience.

Your adventure will start at the top of a small oak hill overlooking the island Lokrum and the unique Adriatic coast. A flight over the oak canopies, cultivated meadows and breathtaking cliffs will end on one of the last non-commercial promenades of Dubrovnik area. Enjoy the view of sea and islands from our chill zone in forest shade.

Price includes

3 Instructors – Three licenced guides

Equipment – Zipline harness, Helmet & gloves, Protective goggles, Advanced passive breaking system

Insurance – Standard accidental injury insurance included

VAT – All the prices include VAT

For special requests please contact us

Other Info

Minimum body weight: 50 kg
Maximum body weight: 110 kg
Dress comfortably: wear a t-shirt, shorts or pants and sneakers.
Bring a bottle of water
Arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than scheduled
Duration of the tour depends of the group size
The maximum number of people in a group is limited to 12 for one tour (for larger groups please contact us)
In case of rain or strong wind descents are not possible


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DU the Wire


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