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Trpanj – a hidden jewel with a long history and rich cultural heritage, a home of fishermen and seamen, and a landscape featuring numerous vineyards and centuries-old olive orchards – is now becoming a true Mediterranean paradise with countless cobble and sandy beaches and numerous hidden coves that are waiting for you!
Discover the wild side of Pelješac, return to the intact nature and take the best it has to offer. Visit the small restaurants owned by fishermen who prepare what they catch on their own and serve it with olive oil and the finest wine from Pelješac.
Take a stroll through the walkway by the sea, surrounded by pine trees on one side and the crystal clear sea on the other.
If you are looking to truly return to the nature, you can take the Herbs Route and the Olive Oil Route, where you will experience the wonderful scents of sage, heather, rosemary and immortelle.
For those among you who are truly adventurous, we recommend the Viter, Lozica, Paškalov put and Miloševica mountain trails.
Visit Blace, a lagoon in which you can find mud with healing properties, relax, recharge your batteries and restore your health.


Dubrovnik Tours

In the Dubrovnik region, Explore Dalmatia provides trips that take you to the iconic city of Dubrovnik, where you can walk along the famous city walls, visit historical landmarks, and explore the charming old town. You can also venture to the nearby town of Ston, known for its impressive fortified walls and delicious oysters.

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Dubrovnik region Beaches

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