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The story about our vineyard in Komarna began with the moaning of heavy machines that plunged their  steel jaws in stone boulders, bushes and maquis, greedily plucking lumps of earth. Heavy boulders were crushed and crushed under the blows of sharp hammers and powerful techniques creating cobblestone surfaces prepared for further crushing and work.

The dug-out slopes, eerily painted with maquis and bushes, only breathed a sigh of relief. The mighty heavy machine then roared with its steel teeth, moving really slowly, and the properly crushed billets of stone and earth began to stack like book pages, one on top of the other, like sea waves rolling one after the other at regular intervals.

The day came when the first vines were planted. Young seedlings were pressed into the stone chips, in order to embrace at least a lump of earth with their roots, waiting for a gift from heaven – the rain of God. Soon, the young vine saplings were adorned with the first sprouts and twigs, turned into green serpentine rows that were drowning in the sea at the bottom of the slope. After the first weeding, the first stalks appeared, the first grapes, showing themselves almost shyly, as if they wanted to remain self-effacing, proudly defying both the stone and the place of their miraculous ascension.

Thus begins a new story about the secret of the Komarna vineyards. In that story, everything is natural, as given by God; from planting, growing, preservation, feeding all the way to harvesting and processing.


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