Tavern Griblja

  • Zadar Region

Guests of the restaurant can enjoy the traditional Dalmatian ambience with 50 seats and sit comfortably next to the fireplace from which the fire gently crackles and warms the space in the winter, while in the summer they can enjoy it on our terrace with 40 seats. For intimate gatherings, we have provided a private hall for up to 12 people. The offer is based on modern Dalmatian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients. Fresh, quality foods such as wild white fish, squid, shrimp and clams are always on our tables.

The dishes of the Griblja tavern are a combination of traditional and contemporary gastronomy, and we change our menu seasonally. Wine, as the main accompanying drink in the Dalmatian tradition, is given exceptional attention. In addition to top-quality food, we have tried to include in the wine list the best Croatian wines and sparkling wines from all regions, as well as top-quality foreign wines.

As part of our Tavern, there is also a Cigar Room that offers you the world’s best cigars, tobacco accessories, cognacs, whiskeys and champagnes so that you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere in selected company.

Chef: Braco Sanjin


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