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I want to offer my guests what is autochthonous and homemade, freshly picked from the garden that morning, but presented in a completely modern way.

By the term TRADITIONAL we mean dishes typical of our region, for example, homemade bread with fish or meat (of your choice), cold salad (prosciutto, a selection of cheeses, sausages, pancetta…), risotto, fish and meat from Gradel, soup with organic ingredients from our garden etc.

TRADITION in a MODERN way means that we dress traditional dishes in new clothes and combine them with the latest culinary techniques.
The dish I would single out as the first example is my author’s dish – lamb ravioli (beetroot, lamb jus, cottage cheese cream, nettle oil), then we have shrimp soup with smoked sea bream mousse, octopus deconstruction under the bake (octopus jus, sweet potato and nettle gnocchi, onion ash), grandma’s verzot (grated egg yolk, potato and leek espula), duck (beetroot cream, duck demiglace and juniper berries).


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In Šibenik region, their trips take you on an enchanting journey to the breathtaking Krka National Park, where you can marvel at the stunning waterfalls and explore the park’s mesmerizing nature trails. Additionally, you can discover the cultural treasures of Šibenik itself, including its magnificent cathedral and charming old town.

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