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The Zadar National Museum is a participant in the development of public museum activity, which has been going on since 1832. The fund of today’s museum numbers around 100,000 objects and represents the heritage capital that manifests the identity of Zadar and Zadar County through the communication of natural and cultural values. The Museum includes the Department of Natural History, the Department of Ethnology, the Department of the Museum of the City of Zadar, the Art Gallery, and the Documentation and Pedagogical Service. The museum also includes the Veli Iž Regional Ethnographic Collection and the Mali Iž Regional Cultural and Historical Collection, as well as exhibition pavilions that are also cultural monuments – the City Lodge, the Prince’s Palace and the Mali Arsenal visitor center. By organizing and hosting exhibitions, pedagogical programs and organizing professional and scientific gatherings, lectures, cultural manifestations, concerts and promotions, the museum represents an irreplaceable cultural, educational, social and tourist point of the city and county. Discover more detailed information about museum activities on our website, and by visiting the museum, be an active participant in various programs.


Zadar Tours

In Zadar region, their one-day trips offer a combination of history and natural wonders. You can explore Zadar’s ancient city walls, visit the unique Sea Organ, and discover the city’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, you have the opportunity to visit the nearby stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, known for its cascading waterfalls and vibrant turquoise lakes.

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