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Matuško Winery

Without a good, dry cellar, there are no quality and top quality wines. In our area of more than 3000 m2, “champions” are born in barrique barrels. Also, the cellar is equipped with a tasting and conference hall where, in addition to our wine, we present indigenous local food through catering. The cellar and oil mill are open all year round for tastings and visits.


Thanks to the family tradition, but also to the education of Mr. Matuško, this was the beginning of the dizzying rise of Matuško wine.


Years of dedicated investment, work and effort, from humble beginnings, have led us to the fact that Matuško wines are recognized on the world “stage”, as evidenced by numerous international awards, but also the placement of our wines that reaches all the way to China.


We have introduced many years of experience and tradition into a new era of winemaking and viticulture. Croatia, and with it Pelješac, have been cultivating the history and culture of creation for centuries, and only relatively recently have our wines started to receive world attention. It is our great wish to keep this culture alive with our further work, to show again our inviolable quality on a world level in order to bring our tradition and legacy closer to the rest of the world in the light that our wines deserve.


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