Knin Fortress

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The Knin Fortress is one of the greatest Croatian fortification monuments and the second largest military fortification in whole Europe, extremely indented and preserved in all its parts!

The construction of the fortress started in the 9th century, in the period of the Early Croatian Republic, and some Croatian kings held their capital intermittently in Knin, whereas King Dmitar Zvonimir even held the permanent one.

The fortress consists of five connected parts located 345 m above sea level and about 100 m above the town of Knin. It is 470 m long and on its highest part 110 m wide. The defensive walls, about 2 km long and enclosing the fortress from all sides, are even up to 20 m high at several places. The fortress is a living monument of culture and includes a museum, exhibition galleries and a restaurant, so it represents the main brand of Knin’s cultural tourism.

Knin Fortress has a new feature opened – the zipline! Come and enjoy the spectacular view.


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