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The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be recognised as the major producer of top-quality events in Dubrovnik, as Croatia’s leading cultural institution, and as one of Europe’s five most distinguished cultural festivals. Relying on  the City’s and its own rich and living heritage, the Festival will continue to promote it’s site-specific programme policy,  combine tradition and modernity, and connect  local, national and international creativity. As a place where people gather together to exchange ideas and create new projects, the Festival will promote Dubrovnik as a Croatian and world spiritual and cultural centre.


1. To raise the level of the recent theatrical production based on the idea of exploring the heritage and universal theatrical values through the prism of site specific theatre;

2. To present the best projects from Europe’s and the world’s recent theatrical production in Dubrovnik;

3. To raise the level of cultural diversity;

4. To raise the level of cultural tourism by exploring and improving the idea of cultural tourism, particularly in the music programme;

5. To raise the question of site specific art and heritage. Dubrovnik has inherited a rich tradition that should be dealt with critically. Along these lines, sources should be discovered in both tangible and intangible heritage, addressing the new site specific art as well;

6. To expand collaboration between international and national musicians, alongside a continuous development of repertoires and potentials of national artists and ensembles;

7. To consolidate the co-production model within the theatre and music programmes;

8. To cherish the tradition of the Festival’s own productions performed by the Festival Drama Ensemble;

9. To introduce the practice of creating multidisciplinary projects in the theatre and music programme segments, and in the networking of both programme segments through contemporary expression, using innovative approaches and new media and technologies;

10. To integrate into European and international cultural networks and projects winning the support of international governmental and non-governmental organisations in the realization of programmes, and to secure financial support from new sources;

11. To develop educational programmes aiming at a more intensive involvement of the public into art programmes such as discussions, workshops, themed debates, round-table conferences, targeted programmes for children and young people, creative workshops for children and young people, and to organise masterclasses for young Croatian and foreign artists.


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