Kornati National Park

Tourism started slowly appearing on the Kornati during the Seventies. That’s the time when the biggest changes in the lives of the Kurnatari occurred, too, and the changes had a strong influence on the appearance of the Kornati. The younger generations went to schools to cities, where they also found jobs. Understandably, that resulted in […]

Krka National Park

Krka National Park lies within Šibenik-Knin County, and covers a total area of 109 km² of the loveliest sections of the Krka River, and the lower course of the Čikola River. The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems.


Located near the spring of the Krka River, 55 km from Šibenik and between the borders of Bosnia, Lika and Dalmatia, Knin has always been an important crossroad of the paths connecting the hinterland to the coast.


The picturesque Dalmatian village and the accompanying Sovlje are located in the heart of the Šibenik-Knin county. Although it has focused on tourism in the last few decades, Tribunj is still recognized for fishing and olive growing, two main industry branches that have always been the local population’s means of income.


Zlarin is a small undiscovered jewel of our coast that is distinguished by its pristine nature and exceptionally rich historical and cultural heritage. Due to its geographical position, Zlarin has always held the strategic role of St. Ante Channel gatekeeper and the guardian of Šibenik.


Unique for the crystal clear sea right next to the dense pine forest of the hill of Jelinjak, Grebaštica is famous as one of the longest bays of the Croatian part of the Adriatic located only 15 km souther from the town of Šibenik. Beautiful pebble beaches, peaceful local atmosphere and rich gastronomic offer are […]


Betina is a settlement at the northeast coast of the island of Murter which is connected to the mainland with a drawbridge in Tisno. Betina comes from a Celtic word «bet» which means – mouth and it describes the look of the naturally formed harbour Betina which, just like the mouth, protects the boats from […]


Jezera, the town of seafarers, fishermen and divers is located on the southeast side of the island of Murter. Jezera is secluded into a horseshoe shaped bay that is surrounded by gentle hills. Due to its natural position, the town is not exposed to strong winds and its cove is an ideal port for ships. […]


Primosten, was first mentioned in 1564 as a small island with a village, surrounded by defensive walls and wooden bridge connected to the mainland by one and gets the name – Primosten (at the bridge). Primosten today, Golden Flower of Europe 2007, connected with the entire world, the center of intercontinental meeting whose inception dates […]


The town of Vodice is a tourist centre famous for its lively and various tourist offer and pleasant people. It is a coastal town located in a wide bay, 11 km northwest from the town of Šibenik, the centre of Šibenik-knin County.