St. Nicholas Fortress

St Nicholas’ Fortress is a unique monument of the world’s architectural heritage and in 2017 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World heritage List as part of the nomination ”The Defence System of the Republic of Venice between the 16th and 17th Centuries”. Since mid-June 2019. St Nicholas’ Fortress opened its doors to visitors.

Civitas Sarca

As part of the project Civitas Sacra, the Interpretation Centre of the Cathedral of St James was built and organised inside the mediaeval Palace Galbiani, a four-storey edifice located in the very heart of the old town of Šibenik, just one hundred metres from UNESCO’s crown jewel, followed by the erection of the children’s playground […]

Archeological museum Nin

If you want to know about an important part of the history of Nin in the shortest possible time, a visit to the Museum of Nin Antiquities is advised, whose exhibits are displayed in seven separate rooms. All the most important historical periods in the development of Nin are encaptured, and each is divided into […]

Museum Of Illusions Zadar

The Museum of Illusion in Zadar brings you a space suitable both for social and entertaining tours into the world of illusions which has delighted all generations. It’s a perfect place for new experiences and fun with friends and family and it’s unique in this part of Europe. Not only is it a place for […]

Meštrović Museums

One of the most prominent Croatian artists of the first half of the 20th century, he acted as a sculptor, painter, architect and writer. With his Deed of Donation to the Croatian People of 1952, he donated numerous masterpieces, impressive architecture and refined spaces managed by the Ivan Meštrović Museums.

Gallery Emanuel Vidović

The Museum of the City of Split is an institution that manages the work of the museum itself, the Diocletian’s Cellars, the Emanuel Vidović Gallery, the Southeast Tower, the Venetian Tower and the Ophoda. The mentioned locations are of great importance for the historical and cultural development of Split.