Camp Kalebić

  • Šibenik Region

Spend the summer in our camp Kalebic in Betina near Pirovac. The peaceful environment, beautiful surroundings and proximity to major tourist centers and attractions guarantee to make your holiday unforgettable. The famous National parks Krka and the Kornati islands, as well as the Nature park Vrana Lake, are in immediate vicinity.

In the nearest vicinity of Camp Kalebic you can find some spectacular sights of nature. National parks Krka with famous waterfalls, and Kornati islands archipelago will make memorable experiences from your vacation. Also within driving reach you shouldn’t miss medieval city of Sibenik with impressive St James Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage site.
If you are a fan of active vacation, this area offers great oportunities for numerous activities. Beside usual water sports, you can enjoy hiking and cycling through relaxing trails surrounded by pristine mediterranean nature, experience scuba diving in beautiful Adriatic underwater landscapes, or even try bungee jumping from 40m high Sibenik bridge.


Šibenik Tours

In Šibenik region, their trips take you on an enchanting journey to the breathtaking Krka National Park, where you can marvel at the stunning waterfalls and explore the park’s mesmerizing nature trails. Additionally, you can discover the cultural treasures of Šibenik itself, including its magnificent cathedral and charming old town.

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Šibenik region Beaches

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