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For generations, the way of life of the Jadrijević family from Primošten, with the family nickname Brne, has been connected with working on the land. Farming the land, cultivation of vines and olives, and the fruits of the entire family’s labor enabled its survival even through difficult times. A personal connection to each vine and each olive tree shows a passion for what we do and love.

Today, our family represents the fourth active generation of Primošten winegrowers, winemakers and olive growers. Viticulture is our long-standing family passion. A well with the year 1920 carved in it still stands in our oldest vineyard, Kremik.

We are motivated by a love for vines and we cultivate and nurture the vineyards in Bucavac and Kremik for many hours throughout the year. The whole process from wine production to the final product, bottles of Babić wine on the table, is primarily an independent family business. Our joint family grape and olive harvests are woven into our lives today through memories and care for vineyards and old olive groves, but also through enjoying the fruits of our labor – enjoying a good drop of Babić wine and olive oil.

Some things don’t change and they shouldn’t. We always keep in mind where we come from, what we have inherited and what value we want to leave for the future, and that is the family tradition and the quality of our wine and oil.


Babić Brne wine is made entirely from grapes from our vineyards, which we bring to your table with great dedication. For us, wine is not just a product, we see it as an indelible part of our lives. Babić Brne is an authentic varietal wine, with a very long fruity taste. It is extremely fruity, darker in color, with a taste reminiscent of homemade jam from ripe cherries, spiced with traces of vanilla. Tannins are pleasant with a more pronounced minerality of earthy taste.

It goes well with aged meat and more mature cheeses or just with a pleasant company.


Also popularly known as liquid gold, olive oil has always played an important role in Dalmatian cuisine. It is woven into each drop of our olive oil obtained only from hand-picked indigenous varieties of Dalmatian oblica olives. The top quality of Brne extra virgin olive oil improves the taste of every dish; fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, as well as cheeses and salads. You can also enjoy it with just a few drops on a piece of bread, just for taste, as we like in Dalmatia.


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