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If you want to know about an important part of the history of Nin in the shortest possible time, a visit to the Museum of Nin Antiquities is advised, whose exhibits are displayed in seven separate rooms. All the most important historical periods in the development of Nin are encaptured, and each is divided into several themes accompanied by rich archaeological, theme and item guides, reconstructions, models, photographs and ground plans.

The most valuable findings which are kept in the Museum of Nin Antiquities are two original old Croatian boats from the 11th century called Condura Croatica. Next to them there is a copy of part of the boat called Serilia Liburnica from the 1st century and a replica of the Baptismal font of Duke Višeslav, as well as many remains of the material culture from Prehistoric, Roman Old Christian and Old Croatian life of Nin.

The wealth of architectural and other heritage of Nin, is the reason for the interest in archaeological excavations in this area which date from long ago, even from 1777 when the first smaller archaeological diggings in this area are mentioned. They reached their climax from the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century the number of exhibits kept increasing and the place of their display changed, until the new permanent exhibition was opened in 1999, and in 2005 it assumed a new conception and organisation, as well as the present-day name.


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