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Edivo Wines

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"The idea of immersion bottles and amphorae under the sea seemed feasible, but it took time to check a lot of things and explore."

The real story began in 2011. when we made the first wine and began with the research, and the first amphorae were dropped in late 2013. and early 2014.

Research if is it even possible something like that, started in several different locations around the peninsula of Pelješac. With the bottles we immediately found out, but with amphorae was difficult in the beginning. It was necessary to investigate whether it can be possible to put glass bottle directly in an amphora, because wine could lose quality by penetration of the sea. We decided to use a glass bottle 0.75L that goes in a clay amphora, and the whole thing goes under the sea. Of course, all that we protected with good cork and with two layers of rubber.

All amphorae are arranged in cages, and secured with the padlock to prevent the theft. We point out that the initial ten locations over time has been narrowed to three.


  • Street: Drače 18
  • Postcode: 20246
  • City: Drače
  • Country: Croatia


  • +385 91 1741 206
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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