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Dingač winery Potomlje

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Founded as an agricultural cooperative in 1902, Winery "Dingač" is today owned by the cooperative Pelješac. The name is named after the steep position of the same name, whose vineyards descend all the way to the sea.

This sun has a triple strength - apart from the fact that the whole day lays the vines, its light is refracted from the stone and the sea, further shaping the richness of the taste of the finest wines, such as Dingača and Postup, obtained from a small, deep ruby colour variety.

In addition to these two top wines, PZ and Dingač winery produce quality wines Plavac and Peljesac. This is the only winery in the world that has given the ass to the donkey, a centuries-old helper of the Peljesians, whose vineyards are still handled manually.

This valuable animal is a trademark of the Dingača label, the most famous and most famous wine of the winery, which you will easily recognize if you come to Potomlje by carefully carved stone blocks that create this building. Wines are preserved in oak barrels in basements buried in a hill where the temperature is unchanged.


  • Postcode: 20244
  • City: Potomje
  • Country: Croatia


  • Telephone: + 385 (0)20 742 010

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