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Adventure Driven Vacation

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ADVis driven by a simple idea of creating a perfect adventure vacation for you.

Our primary mission is to put a big smile upon your face!

We are adventure tour operator company from Croatia. All the tours we offer are guided by our professional instructors. We use our own equipment which is maintained on the top level to ensure your maximum safety. Your safety is our priority.

Once in a while everyone imagines what it would be like to live out some kind of adventure; something totally new and different from their everyday routine. Some people are inspired by movies, family, friends, or some memorable magazine photo. Others are inspired by the pure wish of exploring a variety of new thrills which make our life so exciting. Every day should be an adventure and with this thought in mind, our story begins…

Our goal is to safely guide you through new, exciting Adventure Driven Vacations which we have designed just for you. We specialize in the elements of Earth, Wind and Water, and first time adventurers are our absolute favourites! No, need for jealousy experienced ADVenturers, but you all know there is no better feeling than being the one to introduce someone to something completely new, some life changing experience.

After you have boarded the plane for a panoramic or aerobatic flight, decided to take your first tandem skydiving jump, climbed your first big wall, experienced kayaking or motorcycling in scenic surroundings or even better, done all of this in one week your ADVacations have just begun. Whether you like it or not you will then be a member of the ADV society. However, we must warn you the ADV lifestyle is highly addictive! Your old friends may not understand the ‘’new’’ you, the topics that you used to talk about may seem bleak and uninteresting now but don’t worry, a whole new army of ADVenture loving people are just waiting for you to share your stories with them. Where better to do this, then hanging out at our weekly ADV parties, sipping on cocktails, listening (and playing?) to live music by our resident dropzone band surrounded by people who love life and nature. This is where the fourth element comes into play as we chat around the Fire and plan our new ADVentures together.

Skydiving Zadar ADV Takeoff Office:
Skydiving Croatia | Skydiving Zadar

Zadar Airport (ZAD)
23222, Zemunik Donji, Zadar
Phone: +385 99 809 2355


  • Street: Rtina 113
  • Postcode: 23248
  • City: Razanac, Zadar
  • Country: Croatia


  • +385 91 253 9025
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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