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Tourist board of Zadar

Welcome to the city of Zadar, a city of exceptional history and rich cultural heritage, a city of tourism. Our web site will try to offer you a complete tourist offer, from searching for an ideal accommodation, autochthonous gourmand delicacies, cultural monuments, a variety of excursion programs and numerous tourist activities that the city offers by combining the beauty of the past and all the privileges that the modern traveller demands.

The particularity of the city is irresistible for those who respect and admire historical monuments and cultural heritage, artists, tourists and its citizens. Zadar is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organs in the world.



Tourist board of Zaton

Welcome to Zaton, small summer resort ideal for a holiday full of relaxation and an escape from everyday stress. It is situated between two historical towns – Nin (2 km) and Zadar (12 km).

The village of Zaton is a unique combination of Dalmatian architecture, Mediterranean pleasant climate, preserved nature, rich in cultural-historical heritage and lively tourist everyday life.

The sandy beaches in the shade of ancient trees are ideal for families with children. If you want to find a peace, crystal clear sea, clean sea bed, shade of the pine-forest, unforgettable sunsets, the village of Zaton is an ideal place for your vacation.

Zipline Dubrovnik

Zipline Dubrovnik

Have you ever wondered how is it to fly 60 meters above the beach while at the same time enjoying a magnificent sea and islands view? Now you can experience it on our Zipline, wich is located above beautiful “Tri brata” beach in Vrbica, Dubrovnik.
This 250 meters long and 60 meters high zipline will surely give you the experience you will remember for a long time 

The tour lasts for approximately 1 hour and during that time you will get to know our guides who will walk you trough the training course and some basic rules of ziplining. Once you get to our location, our proffesional and licenced guides will make sure that you are safe and have fun at the same time, also they will guide you throughout the whole tour.


Even though a zipline wire can hold for a few tons of weight and whole equipment is tested there are still some safety limitations that you should be aware of:
Weather – in a case of a rain or in the case of extreme wind we are not able to do a zipline so tour can be canceled!
Age – children under 13 are not allowed to participate and children from 13-18 have to be in group with their parents who have to sign a parental permission for their children
Weight –  Zipline wire can hold few tons, but people with more than 120 kg of body weight are not allowed to participate because of the safety reasons
Body constitution – Zipline harness has a waist loop (60cm-110cm) which should be placed above your hips, and leg loops (max 75 cm) which should be on the middle of your thighs. In some extreme cases, even the person who is lighter than max weight limit, cannot safely fit into a zipline harness, and in that case person is not allowed to participate in activity. Sometimes is hard to tell until person tries to wear a  harness so if you have any doubts, please inform us before you book  and we will do our best to help you.
*this is stated just for extreme cases so if you have any doubts please contact us before you make a reservation. Our proffesionall staff will do their best to help you!

Zipline Omiš

Zipline Omiš

Zipline is an adrenaline entertainment where guests descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt. Adventure also includes training and a short walk in nature.

Zipline is located 3 km from Omis, in the canyon of the Cetina River and consists of eight wires total length of 2100m . Depending on the size of the group, zipline gives you up to three hours of unforgettable fun and beautiful nature .

Before the start of the trip, the group gathers in our agency in Omis (Josipa Pupacica 4), where they meet with guides and sign the statements .
We organized the transfer to the start and back (3 km from Omis) by our vehicle. Before the beginning, the group goes to the training ground and each guest receives equipment . There are two short wires, length 25m , where guides show you how to brake and act on cable.

The next thing is a short walk to the first wire. During the walk, you can enjoy the beautiful, almost untouched nature and stunning views of the Cetina river canyon. One of the guide hooks you up at the beginning of each wire, while the other one waits for you at the end of each wire. That is the system to pass all eight wires.

The finish point of a zipline tour is located 50m from the road, and there is our van waiting to take you back to Omis.



Tourist board of Zlarin


Zlarin is a small island placed in the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, close to the city of Šibenik.
Administratively, it belongs to the Šibensko-kninska county. During the winter there are around 270 residents. That number increases to approximately 3000 residents in the summer. In its history, Zlarin had large population migrations. It is an island from which people left, but also continued living on. Did you know that Zlarin has the longest island seafront in Croatia? It is 131 meters long and 16 meters wide from where you have an amazing view.
Its highest spot is hill Klepac (169 m) from which you will have an unforgettable view. From the top of the hill, during the sunny days, you can see the mountain of Velebit and far into the distance, the volcanic island of Jabuka.

From this spot, Šibenik is very close to you. There are cypress forests, pine forests, rosemary forests, figs, olives and other Mediterranean plants. Internal parts of the island are uninhabited, covered with dense forests and underbrush. It’s called the green island with right.

The climate is Mediterranean, middle Adriatic type. The prevailing wind is jugo. Because of being close to the land, climatic characteristics are transitional.