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Companies starting with G

Gallery Emanuel Vidović

Gallery Emanuel Vidović

Gallery Emanuel Vidovic is dedicated to the figure and work of Emanuel Vidovic, and was conceived as a place of gathering, processing, research, preservation and presentation of the painter's material and spiritual heritage.  Its existing and potential holdings are works of art that depict Vidović painting development since the beginning of the end of creation and various museological material, which contributes to the completion VIDOVIĆ biographies and follows the presentation and the reception of his work.

Gligora - Zadar

Gligora - Zadar

Love for tradition and cheese profession is what has been passed on in the family Gligora for years.

Dedication to unquestioned quality, the desire for the old and the new knowledge, constant investments, and striving towards a continuous improvement – those describe the entire team in Gligora Dairy.

The team includes our reliable partners, experienced cheese producers, organized accountants and administrators, dedicated personnel and guides as well as persistent drivers. Our objective is to make the best cheese and to serve any true cheese lover.

Along with our top product Pag cheese, which presents only a minor part of our job, we also produce around curd as well as 60 different kinds of cheese, including cow cheese, sheep cheese, mixed cheese and various cheeses with other substances added. Every year we offer several new excellent products usually awarded at prestigious world cheese contests. Yet, our favorite award is the appraisal of our customers.

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the top quality cheese producers in the world, and to strive towards such development of the factory so as to be able to offer a higher quality life and sustainable development on Pag.

"Cheese Shop Zadar,
Murvička 1, City Gallery,
23000 Zadar

Tel: +385 (0)23 313 396

Cheese Shop Zadar

Hrvoja V. Hrvatinića 5.,
Old Town Zadar

Tel: +385 (0)23 700 730

Gligora Dairy

Figurica 20,
Kolan 23251,
Island of Pag,

Tel: +385 (0)23 698 052
Tel: +385 (0)98 235 432

Gligora Cheese & Deli Shop

Gligora Cheese & Deli Shop

Stari pazar (old bazaar)

Nathodnik bb,
21000 Split

T: +385 21 274 259

Vinkovačka bb - Sućidar,
21000 Split
T: +385 (21) 278 656

Ulica kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 4,
T: +385 (0)23 698 504"

Gourmet Kalelarga

Gourmet Kalelarga

Gourmet Kalelarga is offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience of unique Dalmatian atmosphere.

Here you can start your day with coffee and fresh pastries from its own bakery, order a delicious morning meal before enjoying fresh, seasonal dishes and selected wines in the afternoon and spend an evening of relaxation with a glass of champagne.



Tourist board of Gradac


... the administrative and tourist center of the riviera with the most beautiful and the longest beaches...

Twn of Gradac is a tourist hub of Gradac Riviera. Old settlement has been around since prehistoric times. Stone slabs from the Bronze and later Iron Age can testify to that fact. In Classical antiquity, Roman Civitas Biston existed in the location of Gradac. Old coastal hub of the Narona colony was an important Roman stronghold in this part of the Adriatic. Specimens of Roman money, and a rim part of a monumental structure from 2nd-3rd century were found at Gradina locality.

In medieval times in Gradac region there stood an old town of Lapčan (Labinac), which is mentioned by the great Byzantine emperor Constantin. Under its current name, Gradac is mentioned for the first time in 1649. It owes its name to a fortress that once stood on a high ground above today’s church of St. Michael, built during the Cretan war (1645-1669). There is a preserved drawing that depicts a naval-land battle between the Turks and Venetians near Gradac in 1666. On that drawing the tower was set ablaze.

In an abandoned village of Čista above Gradac one can find remains of deserted houses built in indigenous architectural style. One of the oldest preserved structures in Gradac region is a chapel of St. Paškvalin on Plana hill. Beside an old parish church of St. Anthony is the local cemetery. And new church of St. Michael was built in 1852. Tradition of Gradac’s tourist offer secured that tourism is developing rapidly in this part of the Riviera where one can find a stretch of hotels and catering contents, and of course the center of entertainment and night life.



Tourist board of Grebastica

In the bay and harbour south-east from the hill Oštrica You can dock larger yachts, and smaller yachts and boats in any of the small coves along the northern coast. Guests can find accommodation in comfortable arranged family houses and apartments, as well as in 20 camping sites. Restaurants and inns, offering Dalmatian specialties, are located along the main road, while you can buy home grown vegetables and fish from the locals who traditionally live from agriculture and fishing. Bigger items, provisions and services are found in nearby Primošten and Šibenik which are connected with a regular bus line. Not far from Grebaštica, there are national Parks Krka and Kornati, which you can visit in organized excursions.

Grebaštica is ideal for family holidays. Because of the clean sea surrounded by thick pine woods, it's best for health (preseason) and sport (season) tourism. Grebaštica shows its beauty in the summertime, full with colours and youth. Every week we organize a culture and art evening amusement for all our guests, involving live music performances.

We are glad to welcome you

GV Line

GV Line

Fast ship line:
Zadar – Silba – Lopar (Rab) – Krk - Rijeka i obratno
405: Zadar – Iž – Rava i obratno
406: Zadar – Sali (Dugi Otok) – Zaglav (Dugi Otok) i obratno
9406: Zadar – Sali (Dugi Otok) – Zaglav (Dugi Otok) - Bršanj (Iž)