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Companies starting with F

Fanito – Olive Oils

Fanito – Olive Oils

You can order Fanito products via the webshop - http://fanito.hr/shop/ . Our offer includes premium olive oils and olive leaf tea.

Fanito is a system (company) with a prestigious and prestigious label in the Republic of Croatia. We are the winners of three prestige brands related to product quality:
- The first olive oil with a designation of origin in the Republic of Croatia
- The first olive oil labeled Izvorno hrvatsko
- The first olive oil labeled Croatian island product

We got the first label of authenticity for our extra virgin olive oil Torkul, our protected brand. Over the last few years, we have aligned our standards with all the required EU standards.

Fjaka Beach Bar Brodarica

Fjaka Beach Bar Brodarica

Fjaka bar is located on the beach at the very beginning of Brodarica, on the outskirts of Šibenik.

In the early morning and during daylight hours, you can enjoy great coffee and refreshing drinks. In the evening, Fjaka Bar morphs into a lively venue offering a variety of cocktails, freshly prepared seasonal bar food and entertainment programs including performances by DJs, bands and more.

We invite you to enjoy a relaxing outdoors atmosphere in the summer months for an unforgettable experience, or a cosy indoor ambience during the colder months in front of our wood stove. Our friendly staff will tend to your needs!

Fjaka bar also welcomes you to host your event at our fine venue. Contact us for more details!