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Tourist board of Imotski

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Imotski is an old town, situated in the south of the Croatian, at the crossroads of the Dalmatian hinterland and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was first mentioned in 950 AD in De Administrando Imperio Byzantine emperor and historian Constantine Porphyrogenitus.

Imotski has all the characteristics of the coastal city, thanks to its climate and urban architecture of the old town. Stone houses, steep narrow streets lined with stone steps of the witnesses are former looks of this place which is the old core and protected. Several buildings with beautiful facades and wrought iron fences Secessionist about style streamings which did not miss this region either.

Below Topan is Blue Lake, the favorite promenade in the summer months and the main bathing place in Imotski. Its dimensions are 800 * 400 meters and the depth varies so in the winter and spring, about a hundred meters, and the beginning of autumn means dry. By its clean water surface serpentine which were built in 1907.

In the immediate vicinity (1.5 km) there is Red Lake, the deepest karst lake in Europe with a depth of depression 528 meters and the water depth reaches more than 300 meters to the bottom which is below sea level.


  • Street: Jezeranska bb
  • Postcode: 21260
  • City: Imotski
  • Country: Croatia


  • Telephone: +385 21 842 221
  • Fax: +385 21 842 228
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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