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Tourist board of Igrane

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Right here where the rock kisses the sea and the wave cuddless with a shore, where the campanile bell announces a next dawn… as for us all and for you, stroller and traveller…

So, 'till you get to know a Croatian name, all those Romans, Illyrians and Dalmat tribes have left their traces. During the 7th century a new history has been written, by the arrival of Croats and their flag adorns every church. In the 12th century Marković family of Krajina area managed to save „A Doclean monk Chronicle“ (Croatian Chronicle) that tells about Red Croatia, presents life and death of the King Zvonimir and stands for the one of the most important written document in the Croatian history. So, through the year 1466 a Croatian ruler Herceg Stjepan Kosača, for the first time mentions Igrane, a little village with 50 peasants.

All those peasants, fishermen, builders and soldiers who defended and preserved, for us and for all the visitors, this playful jewel in the wreath of stone… snd the Tower of Zale Antičić and Tomica from the times of the battle against Ottoman Empire, not to forget baroque palace of Ivanišević-Šimić family and also a castle with a chapel…

And what to say about the campanile that touches the sky, solid as a rock?! So, down there, a gardens and courts, houses and apartmens, almonds and flowers, vine cellars, restaurants, fishing nets and boats, white beaches and bays… bathing in the sunny stream. Anyway, take a good look, there's a Hotel „Punta“, like a point of desire awaits to embrace you with all its love…like a breez cuddles with every wave…

With an opened hearth, Igrane calls you to its flourishing gardens.


  • Street: Vrtina 153
  • Postcode: 21329
  • City: Igrane
  • Country: Croatia


  • Telephone: +385 21 627 801
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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