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Tourist board of Janjina

Spend Your holiday between Chanel «small» sea and Open «big» sea, in the heart of Pelješac peninsula.

Janjina, Drače, Sreser, Popova Luka and Osobljava are ideal places for all of You running away from the haste of urban lifestyle.

Run away from the city, take a break from stressful life, leave Your worries behind, enjoy Your holiday by the warm sea, sun and scent of pine tree woods.

Jewelery Tehničar

Jewelery Tehničar

Top quality products

Large selection of jewelry from our own production and imports from famous goldsmith's workshop

Technician retail Ltd. was founded in 1947. That year opened retail and soon moving to production of jewelry for their own use and wholesale.

In our production we hold the rule that the product that we produce must be of superior quality, which refers to the quality of treatment and quality of gold, which is controlled in our own laboratory. In our broad range of products offers a great selection of jewelry from our own production and imports from famous goldsmith's workshop. Silver jewelry is made of silver, 925 fineness, ie of the highest quality silver. Jewelry can be a glittering white or blackened, and at the same time great when it comes to making filigree. It can negotiate with order and purchase. Gold jewelry it is only 14 - carat gold, which is labeled 585. When making Filigranija jewelry even more gold, pure gold, which adds to the beauty, but according to your wishes can be without gilding.



Tourist board of Jezera

N and one of the Adriatic pearls, on the island of Murter, already centuries long, living place Jezera, curved around the bay like a nest. City pleasant to the eye and ear. During the day trapped cry of seagulls and cicadas, and at night Sičane song of nightingales and crickets.

The coast along which boats bobbing on the summer breeze, you will be loaded with the scent of pine, lavender and rosemary, in whose lap blooming spring flowers and breathe spices. Step lightly with 'must', we take the "village" to "Košuluka" and the parish church "Our Lady of Health", with its bell tower offers a beautiful view of this town of fishermen, sailors, divers and a number of islands and islets in the open.

In the silence of the old "villages" more stone houses and gardens tell of ancient times through the crowns of ivy, almonds, mulberry tree ..... and there to the other side of the island stone piles and walls kept secrets of ancient inhabitants of this region in the fields of vines and fig trees and olive trees, between the lake "Lake".

With crystal clear water and blue sky, the sun's rays summer take with you the breath of the Mediterranean, which in this gentle place combines history and modernity. Friendly hosts will know to show guests their heritage, culture, entertainment, preserved nature and comfortable accommodation.